Nerve-Sensors - monolithic DFOS sensors

Our mission is to design, develop, produce and distribute
innovative NERVE-SENSORS based on composite DFOS technology.

We provide products for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in the construction industry sector. We have invented the world’s first composite DFOS sensors, which have already been applied in many proven industrial and R&D applications.

We support our partners at all stages of the process:
idea, design, measurement and data analysis.

We deliver technology of the future, today.

Applications of NERVE-SENSORS

  • long-term structural health monitoring of engineering structures

  • geotechnical and hydrotechnical engineering (i.e. slurry and retaining walls, piles, concrete columns, dams, embankments)

  • line structures (roads, bridges, tunnels, railway lines, pipelines and others)

Common in the family

  • innovative technology that outrivals any other DFOS sensors on the market

  • low sensor cost

  • easy and fast installation

  • high mechanical and chemical resistance

  • resistance to electromagnetic interference

  • unrivalled measuring range

  • excellent integration with the monitored structure

  • reliability and high precision

  • compatible with any DFOS measuring technique (Rayleigh, Brillouin, Raman)

Perfect body of the NERVE-SENSORS

fit and strong

  • excellent representation of the monitored phenomena thanks to adequate stiffness and ribbed surface
  • can replace steel reinforcement
  • can cover very long distances

monolithic structure

  • sensor readings perfectly reflect the observed phenomena because there are no intermediate layers separating the fibre from the structure

unique shape

  • ensures perfect integration between the sensor and surrounding structure which provides the highest quality of information

3D measurements

  • accurate measurements assured by direct displacement (shape) measurement by the 3DSensor

your desired size

  • different sensor dimensions are available depending on project requirements
We are trusted all over Europe

R&D departments of the construction companies

Universities and scientific entities