4-7 July 2022

10th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring

The 10th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring will take place in Palermo on July 4-7, 2022. We invite you to visit our stand during this great event!

Our article:
Composite and monolithic DFOS sensors for load tests and long-term structural monitoring of road infrastructure
Distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) is a versatile measurement technology, especially useful to monitor linear structures, including road infrastructure. It allows measuring strains, displacements or temperatures continuously in a geometrical sense, so all local events (e.g. cracks or sinkholes) can be detected directly. The article summarises the newest achievements related to composite and monolithic DFOS sensors created especially for civil engineering and geotechnical applications. The design of the sensors, supported by theoretical background and practical applications, is discussed in relation to road embankments and asphalt layers. These successful applications of composite and monolithic DFOS sensors are the first of such types in the world.

Keywords: Distributed Sensing, DFOS, Road Infrastructure, Measurements, Monitoring, Monolithic Sensors, Composite Sensors, Strains, Displacements.

Example installation methods of composite DFOS sensors: laying on the ground (a), below asphalt layer (B) and aggregate layer (c); d) tightening to the existing reinforcement; e) positioning above ground (inside non-reinforced concrete layer); e) insertion under the existing earth embankment;