The Smart Nervous System for Cracked Concrete Structures: Theory, Design, Research, and Field Proof of Monolithic DFOS-Based Sensors

The article presents research on the performance of composite and monolithic sensors for distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS). The introduction summarises the design of the sensors and the theoretical justification for such an approach.

Composite and monolithic DFOS sensors for load tests and long-term structural monitoring of road infrastructure

The article summarises the newest achievements related to composite and monolithic DFOS sensors created especially for civil engineering and geotechnical applications. The design of the sensors supported by theoretical background and practical applications are discussed in relation to road embankments and asphalt layers.

Distributed Fibre Optic Nerve-Sensors as non-destructive tool for crack detection and widths estimation

The article describes the design of unique composite Nerve-Sensors dedicated to civil engineering and geotechnical applications. Non-destructive testing capabilities of these sensors were proven in hundreds of laboratory and in situ applications, including bridges, prestressed girders, roads, highways, collectors, pipelines, embankments, and many other smart structures.

Distributed fibre optic sensing for safety monitoring of concrete, steel and composite bridges

The article briefly discusses possible solutions available on the market, indicating their specific advantages and limitations. Then, several practical case studies are presented related to the monitoring of selected bridges in Poland. Successful applications proved the excellent performance of DFOS-based systems for measurements of concrete, steel and composite bridges in actual operating conditions.

Distributed fibre optic sensing: reinforcement yielding strains and crack detection in concrete slab during column failure simulation

The structural behaviour of the RC slab-column structure was controlled using advanced measurement techniques, including DFOS. Despite the extensive state of the art in distributed sensing, the paper provides the new knowledge gained during research. It is mainly related to extremely high (post-yield) strain measurements thanks to the excellent bonding properties and strain transfer to the optical fibre from both steel reinforcement and surrounding concrete.

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