11-15 July 2022

11th International Conference on Bridge Maintainance, Safety and Management

11th International Conference on Bridge Maintainance Safety and Management will take place in Spain, Barcelona. This conference deals with: bridge repair and rehabilitation issues; bridge management systems; needs of bridge owners, financial planning, whole life costing and investment for the future; bridge related safety, risk and economic issues.
That is why our article will summarise all bridge projects in Poland equipped with DFOS-based monitoring systems!

Title: Distributed fibre optic sensing for safety monitoring of concrete, steel and composite bridges
Thanks to the unique capabilities of distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS), a significant increase in its applications within civil engineering has been observed during the last few years. In contrast to conventional spot sensing, the main advantage of this technology is the possibility for direct damage detection as the information is gained over the entire measurement path. Such advanced diagnostic tools are especially recommended for safety-critical infrastructure, including bridges. However, to utilise the benefits provided by the DFOS approach, appropriate sensors have to be applied. The article briefly discusses possible solutions available on the market, indicating their specific advantages and limitations. Then, several practical case studies are presented related to the monitoring of selected bridges in Poland. Successful applications proved the excellent performance of DFOS-based systems for measurements of concrete, steel and composite bridges in actual operating conditions.