the world’s first shape DFOS sensor for geotechnics and civil engineering, measuring displacements of the structure in 3D space along its entire length

3DSensor enables to measure displacements over its entire length in three-dimensional space. It is designed to be directly embedded into the monitored structure, for example in soil or concrete, or to be installed on the surface of the existing structure. It has adjustable dimensions to fulfill the requirements of the specific project. 3DSensor is most applicable to monitor pipelines, landslide areas, roads, bridges, embankments and other linear structures. It provides quantitative information on displacements, movements or deflections, expressed directly in mm.


  • VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL DISPLACEMENT measurements along the entire length of the sensor
  • ADJUSTABLE GEOMETRY to optimize the sensitivity for a specific project
  • NO SENSOR INFLUENCE on the monitored medium (negligible stiffness)
  • RESISTANT TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS, including electromagnetic fields and lightning strikes
  • EASY INSTALLATION – lightweight sensor, ready to use when unrolled from the drum


  • STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING of engineering structures
  • GEO- AND HYDROTECHNICAL ENGINEERING (e.g. slurry and retaining walls, piles, concrete columns, dams, embankments)
  • LINE STRUCTURES: roads and bridges, tunnels, railway lines, pipelines and others
  • LANDSLIDE and MINING areas

Application of DFOS shape Sensors for the structural health monitoring of real engineering structures allows for displacement measurements over entire length with a spatial resolution starting from 5 mm. The key thing is to use sensors which are accurate and reliable. Due to its negligible stiffness, 3D Sensor allows the determination of the slip plane without impacting the soil structure which may affect the analysis and result in misinterpretation of the data.

Technical specifications

Displacement measurement resolution1,0 mm
Displacement measurement rangeany, dependent on the medium deformations
Operating temperature-20 to +60 °C
Sensor dimensions45 x 12 mm
Sensor weight252 kg/km (in situ version)
Sensor materialPLFRP + PE
Scattering usedRayleigh, Brillouin or Raman
The method of deliverystorage coils or straight sections
Sensor lengthany length made to order