Our first German-language article in Beton- und Stahlbetonbau!

We are pleased to present the first German-language article describing the capabilities of composite monolithic sensors in monitoring reinforced and prestressed concrete structures!

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Distributed strain measurements of prestressed concrete elements with fibre optic sensors – abstract

The article presents the application of the technology of distributed strain measurements to prestressed concrete members. Distributed fibre optic sensing technology is based on light backscattering and enables strain measurements with high spatial resolution over the entire length of the optical fibre. Such an approach allows the replacement of thousands of conventional spot strain gauges, arranged in series, with a single optical fibre. The article presents composite fibre optic sensors and their application for strain measurements and cracks development investigations. Three practical examples of prestressed concrete elements were described, namely truck scale platforms, prestressed concrete girders with a length of 24 meters, and one of the largest bridges in Poland. The structural members were analysed at different stages of construction, during fabrication and hardening, tendon activation, installation, proof loading, and also as a post-installed measurement system. The aim of this article was to demonstrate the possibilities of measurements with composite distributed fibre optic sensors.