Distributed optical fibre sensors for strain and temperature monitoring of early-age concrete: laboratory and in situ examples

The article presents the very new measuring tools which allow for comprehensive analysis of concrete temperatures and strain state including all local nonlinearities (cracks). The attention was paid to hydration process, but sensors installed inside the structural members can be also effectively used during another phases such us: prestressing strands activation, construction stages or operation.

About Distributed Internal And Surface Strain Measurements Within Prestressed Concrete Truck Scale Platforms

The article presents pilot studies regarding prestressed concrete track scale platforms. Application of optical fibres allows for comprehensive analysis of concrete strains state including all local nonlinearities (cracks) starting from hydration process, through prestressing tendons activation and finally during laboratory tests.

Strain and crack analysis within concrete members using distributed fibre optic sensors

This article presents laboratory tests, with the purpose being to verify the suitability of standard optical fibres in a tight jacket for advanced strain analysis within concrete members. The arrangement of optical fibres allowed for the identification and detailed analysis of local phenomena such as cracks.

Application of Distributed Optical Fibre Sensor for Strain and Temperature Monitoring within Continuous Flight Auger Columns

In presented case study the analysis of continuous flight auger (CFA) column was described based on the strain and temperature measurements carried out continuously over the length of 12 m. The measurements were done during the load tests, but also in the early-age concrete, when thermal-shrinkage strains appeared.

Smart monitoring of the FRP composite bridge with distributed fibre optic sensors

This paper describes advantages of fibre optic sensors as measuring devices in the SHM of the first Polish all-composite FRP bridge and the unique ability to measure the long range distributed strain and temperature along the entire bridge superstructure.

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