Winter DFOS measurements of the railway line

We are enjoying the beautiful Polish winter while working hard in the field! One of our latest projects is the long-term fibre optic measurements of the railway line. More than 2 km of composite Nerve-Sensors were installed to measure strains, temperatures and displacements.
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An Introduction to High-Definition Fiber Optic Sensing

We encourage you to watch the exciting and informative webinar hosted by David Potter from Luna Innovations. Principles of distributed sensing approach are discussed, and many practical examples are presented, including civil engineering applications with Nerve-Sensors!
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Mediterranean conference marathon behind us

We had the great pleasure of visiting beautiful Palermo and Barcelona­čî┤to discuss, during international conferences, distributed fibre optic sensing approach for monitoring of road infrastructure as well as bridge maintenance, safety and management.
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Distributed sensing at Lodz University of Technology 

We have already cooperated with almost all technical universities in Poland. Now, the list has been extended by the Lodz University of Technology. It is our pleasure to support measurements of reinforced concrete slabs and beams strengthened with shape-memory steel.
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